Shmuel Merimi

Reiki Master / CranioSacral Therapist/ Sound Therapy Practitioner with Sound & Body Tuning Forks and Pranic Healing


Life has a beautiful way to open the door for the next level of each one’s growth. And so, it was with me. While my mother was in the hospital, in Israel, and was diagnosed with cancer I noticed that the conventional Doctors were working alongside Holistic Energy Workers. The Energy workers intrigued me and I decided to gain that knowledge to help my mother be more comfortable.

I was an attorney in Israel, managed one of the largest restaurants in the Middle East and have practiced Kabbalah for over 12 years. Pursuing knowledge in the Holistic Energy Field has definitely felt like the most important learning of my life.

While perusing the practice of Reiki and starting that practice I also volunteer my time for many hours in a different place like the Veteran of America, Chalmers P. Wylie Ambulatory Care Center, hospice center, and such, I also reach out to other schools in the holistic energy field and learn with the upledger school the use of CranioSacral therapy, the Pranic Healing center for Pranic work in all 4 levels, the Soma energetics institute for the use of Sound tuning forks and Body tuning forks, both levels, and others, build my education, got certified, and is only to this day keep growing and open for more.

Here you can find the essential services along with several advanced ways like the integrated elements that I have created, which consider to be very unique in the Holistic Energy work, and have helped many so far and hopefully open to help many more. Modalities such as :  Reiki, CraniSacral Therapy, Pranic Healing, Sound Therapy, Full Body Mapping, TMJ work (Full Mouth Work), and other Energy work that can suit you.

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