The Emotion Code

Energy Healing

What is The Emotion Code (also called Body Code)?

With me as your facilitator (Nicole Warner) and God as our guide we will work together to empower, motivate and encourage your abundant life transformation. By clearing your energetic blocks and imbalances you will be able to experience profound freedom, joy and your soul’s purpose! Your body will learn to heal itself from pain and stress by letting go of all that does not serve. I am able to assist you in person , through email or over the phone. If you see me in person you may also get some Bodywork: Cranio-Sacral, Massage Therapy, Cupping and or Aromatherapy. I incorporate all that you need that day into a session if time allows. I look forward to working with you and helping you discover holistic healing (mind, body and spirit)!

What led me here? – Nicole Warner LMT

Over the past decade, I have learned that many people I work with either suffer from, or have suffered from emotional baggage, anxiety, depression, and stress. These stresses could have been caused by, or even cause trapped energy to be held in the form of emotions. Once an emotion becomes trapped that puts an enormous amount of stress on the body and mind. Even good stress, such as buying a house, having a baby or getting a new job can cause us to develop trapped emotions. These emotions and stress also cause us to be in fight or flight most of the time, even while we sleep. Fight or Flight is our body and brain trying to protect us. For example, we tense our muscles to protects us from stress. Over time our tense muscles cause pain. This tension also causes stress on our organs and can cause disease within the body.

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems regulate our homeostasis (body balance). However, we can easily get stuck in the sympathetic, (fight or flight response) because of too much stress. My job as massage and craniosacral therapist is to help your body lower its nervous system into the parasympathetic (rest and digest state). True healing happens when we are able to let our bodies rest.

I have also learned that many times physical pain is caused by trapped emotions. If we are stuck in “fight or flight” response (sympathetic) deep tissue massage does not always help because the muscles are stuck in protection mode. Craniosacral is gentle enough to calm the muscle tissue down and eventually allow my hands get deeper into the tissues. However, often times our mindset and emotional baggage continue to cause the muscles to tense up and revert back into fight or flight. This is where Emotional Release Therapy comes in.

Before doing any session, I always ask God for guidance, knowledge, and protection for myself and each client. Whether you believe in the same God, Universe or Source or a different higher power, it does not matter in the outcome of the therapy if you are open to receive healing.

What is Muscle Testing?

I use a technique called Muscle Testing, or Kinesiology. Kinesiology is used to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, and emotional energy. Using Muscle Testing,  we are able to locate trapped emotion within the body by asking a series of “yes and no” questions.  We can discover what emotion it is, what part of the body it’s being held in and what age it was received. I then clear it with a magnet. Magnets are very powerful conductors of energy and by moving one down the governing meridian line on the clients back we clear several at a time.

Often times a single emotion can be released in a matter of seconds. Several sessions may be needed to clear multiple emotions. Many clients say they feel very relaxed afterward. Some feel excited and feel more “free”. Others say they feel “lighter”. This practice can be added to any massage or craniosacral session as well as in an appointment all its own!

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