Ryan Warner

Usui Reiki Master / Sound Healing Practitioner


Ryan started his healing Journey learning about plants, herbs and nature in High School. Understanding that food as medicine early in life grew his love of cooking healthy foods for both himself, friends, family, local restaurants and at music festivals.

Ryan’s heart for helping people live healthy lives continued to grow. Ryan also has a love for art and music. He has played guitar and several other instruments since he was 18 years old. His passion for music led him to pursue ways to share music with the world.

Like many of us, Ryan has pursued spiritual and physical healing for his body, mind and spirit. He tried Reiki as a form of energy healing for himself and after a couple years of energy healing and seeing how much it was helping him with stress and his physical body discomfort he pursed classes in Reiki. He studied through the Global Academy for Energetic Education and received his Certificate as a Usui Reiki Master in 2022.

Through his knowledge and passion to help people holistically, with his love of music and energy healing, he tapped into learning the art of sound healing as well.

Ryan is continuing his education as a Sound Healer. Using both tuning forks and crystal bowls he can help tune the body’s energies and frequencies and offer each client the most blissful healing experience. Ryan is excited to meet you and offer you a customized mind, body, spirit healing session perfect for releasing stress, anxiety, body aces, tension and bringing balance to your soul.

*Tuning forks can be added to your Reiki session at no addition charge and Crystal bowl healing can be offered in a group setting as a sound bath. Stay tuned for more information on sound baths with other instruments included as well!

Services offered:

(45-60 min sessions depending on your body)

    • Energy Healing and balancing with Reiki and Sound Healing.
    • Reiki and Sound Healing for Plants and Animals (Small plants may be brought to the office. Depending on the animal, small animals may be brought into the office or distance healing can be offered. (Consultation is required)
    • Distance Healing for Humans, Plants or Animals- $35 for 20-40 min
    • Reiki Healing for Gardens, Yards, Fields and Nature in General can be done distant or in person depending on how far a drive. Contact us for more information. Price will vary by location.

~You may book a FREE 15 min consultation for either distance or in person work.

Benefits for both Sound and Reiki Healing:

Relieves stress, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, Help ground and balance you helping you feel more centered. Clear unwanted negative energies. Help with manifesting your intention for healing and abundance for your greatest, highest good. Both Reiki and Sound Healing can awaken energy

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