Phonon Bonsu, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist- Deep Tissue Specialist
Booking info: 614-420-6268/

My name is Phonan (Pha Non) Ford. Being a Therapist isn’t what I do, it’s who I am.

I realized what I was put here to do when my grandmother was battling
cancer. I would massage her to keep her comfortable. She shared with me the fact that she had been a Massage Therapist in the past so she started teaching me ways to help her. My grandmother went on to glory and now, here I am, still wanting to make people feel better. I am a Minister as well so I can see the connection when people are in a slump mentality often times they hurt in their body.

I have been practicing Massage Therapy throughout Ohio for the last eight years. I do massage parties and mobile massage, traveling to homes and offices. I have worked in some  good chiropractic offices, and I worked for Soothe and Zeel, traveling to homes, hotels and offices.

My goal is to teach people how to take care of themselves to the fullest so that all they need is prevention and maintenance care.

I love people so it is my pleasure to serve anyone that comes in to see me as though they are the most important person I will see that day.

You can expect nothing less than great service from me.


Deep Tissue  Massage Prices

$80 60 min
$100 90 min
$130 120 min

In Home Massages and Parties

1 person $100
2 People $180 per person
3-4 People $80 per person
5 People or more $70 per person
The host of a party of four people or more gets their massage for $50

Chair Massage Events

$1.50 per minute

The best way to contact me is by text.
If I am in a secession I can follow up faster than a call. Thank you so much

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