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Darin is the owner of Syntropy Energetics and the past Director of Dhanda Yoga for the American Bando Association. For more than 27 years, Darin has focused on martial arts systems from Southeast Asia. Burmese Bando, an amalgamation of self-defense, health and fitness, meditation and yoga, helped forge a new direction for his life. Studying and mastering the teachings, healing systems and practices contained within Bando, Darin was called back to his bodywork roots. This led him to become a licensed massage therapist, which opened the doors to a lifetime of continuing education in the healing arts.

From an early age, Darin had already planted the seed in the healing arts. At age five, his father, an Osteopathic physician, introduced him to palpation, soft tissue massage, and spinal manipulation. By the time he was a teenager Darin already had a highly developed understanding and appreciation for the merits of bodywork.

Darin is drawn to a variety of systems that specifically address our Physical, energy and conscious bodies. By utilizing this integral map, he now has access to therapies and life practices, which treat, train, and strengthen each of those bodies individually to create greater coherence of the whole. With a combination of the Primal Reflex Release, Subtle Energy Medicine and CranioSacral Therapy, Darin works with the innate intelligence of the body to: release pain and tension, correct dysfunctional patterns, balance the central nervous system, and optimize the systems of the body.

Immersed in the healing arts, Darin continues to seek out master teachers, persistently exploring non-invasive modalities that resonate with his established methods. He calls the compassionate and comprehensive practice of this unique collection of therapies Syntropy Energetics.

Services Offered:

Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT)
Neuro Modulation Technique
Energy Healing
CranioSacral Therapy
Myofascai Release Therapy
Bemer Therapy
Frequency Specific