You’re Invited to Our Open House!

Date: August 29, 2021
Time: 3-6pm
Location: Inner Wisdom Healing Center
5625 N. High St. #6, Worthington, OH


**RSVP REQUIRED. Eventbrite or email .

COVID Precaution: Masks Recommended.
Please stay home if you have symptoms or don’t feel well. As the date approaches, we might shift our services/ number of people allowed in at a time. Etc.**

Break Free From:
Physical Pain, Migraines, Emotional Distress, Sleeplessness, Stress, PTSD, Anxiety, Trauma, Sadness, Infertility, etc. Discover Freedom, Mindfulness, Joy, Confidence & Purpose!
Offering you personalized & holistic care, we are here to help you heal, Mind, Body & Spirit.

Featuring Inner Wisdom Healing Center’s Practitioners &
Zen Yoga Studio

Try mini services and received 20% off Initial appointments!

Check out the newly renovated space.

View Art from local artist Ryan Warner.

Shop Crystals and Metaphysical gifts from DH Crystal Company.

Enjoy community connections & positive vibes!!

Event Offerings:

Chair Massage or Stretching Sessions- $1 a min
Far Infrared Sauna Sessions- Free 10 minute & purchase three 30 minute sessions for $30! (Reg $30 for one session.) View Benefits HERE.
Biomat Therapy- Free Sessions. View Benefits HERE.
Biofeedback- Free individualized sessions analyzing either: (1) Spinal energy (2) Muscles or (3) Aura. & SAVE $10 off a 1hour session or $25 off a 2 hour session when you book an initial appointment! Learn more about it HERE.
Cranio~Sacral– 20 min sessions for $20. Receive pure relaxation and balancing in seconds! View all health benefits HERE.
AromaTouch Hand Massage. Experience the doTERRA Essential Oil of your choice in a relaxing hand massage. Choose from a variety of oils to boost energy or immunity, calm anxious feelings, relieve stress or tension and more.
Crystal Healing– Mini sessions for grounding and balance.

Redeem your Open House postcard for 20% off your next session! Choose from Spiritual Direction, AromaTouch, Symphony of the Cells, iTOVi scan, Wellness Consult, Facials, Reiki, Sound Healing, Cranio~Sacral, Emotion Code &
Massage Therapy

Enter a drawing to win a free session!

Purchase gift cards or gifts including massage oils, hand sanitizers, room sprays and essential oil rollers, crystals, CBD, art & jewelry!

For more info contact us!
Nicole Warner
Shmuel Merimi
Darin Stahl
Christy Gammon
Nicole Karras
Howard Brody
Taryn Cook
Elain Philips

*Please note* if Covid deters you from coming to the open house please contact us and we will schedule an appointment with you privately.
We will honor our “Open House” specials through Sept 30, 2021.

Offering you personalized & holistic care, we are here to help you heal in Mind, Body & Spirit.